When we lost Constable Robert White, we lost someone who knew what dedication to public service is all about. I will honor his legacy by continuing to work in improving the Constable's Office by insuring that you can depend on us for your public safety. This can be accomplished in the following initiatives:

Public Trust

Law enforcement should not be detached from the community because we are part of the community. For both law enforcement and community to work together, trust has to develop. As your elected Constable, I will earn your trust by creating a culture of community policing whereby together we solve problems not simply with tickets, arrests, or force but by working together with people and fostering community partnerships. We must remember that law enforcement can’t solve problems alone. We need the help and cooperation of all stakeholders in the community.

Safeguarding Your Neighborhood

As a lifelong public servant, I have prioritized the needs of my community and taken an active role in building positive relationships with law enforcement. As YOUR Constable, I will implement a program of community policing to help build public trust. Community policing is not a new concept, but it's an often forgotten one. Law enforcement isn't supposed to simply arrest and cite people for breaking the law. Law enforcement is supposed to be part of the community, ingrained in it so that residents feel safe. Community policing involves initiatives that foster trust among law enforcement and the members of a community. Community policing also involves educating our community about what law enforcement does and, in turn, officers learn the needs of the community.


I want to ensure that the Office of the Constable is running efficiently and effectively. This means having court documents be served in a timely manner, so that justice for our community is not delayed. Serving civil process and executing warrants brings additional revenue that is added to the county’s general fund. Also, I will work closely with various government entities to ensure that we receive our fair share of grants from state and federal funds, reducing the tax payer burden. Currently I am doing this as your Deputy Constable and will continue to do so as your elected Constable for Precinct 1.